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1977 Race Inc. RA-7

1977 Race Inc. RA-7

(Cycle Pro Foiler) Untouched BMX bike from 1982. (Race Inc.)

*NOTE: I have moved this from Cycle Pro to Race Inc. because I have read where frames with this cross-bar were sold as Race Inc.  Whether it is or not, I don't know, hopefully one of these days I will look for a serial #.  It is interesting/odd that the factory stickers were gone from the bike when I purchased it used in 1981, so I suspect it was several years old by this time.  

I should also note that I talked with a guy, Mike Sebastian, which worked for Bill even prior to Race, Inc. where they made the Kawasaki bikes.  He stated this in regards to my cross-bar, "In that time* we only made a few frames with the airfoil top tube you have on your bike.  It was kind of a lark at the time, because the Kawasaki’s we had made at Triple-A used that top tube design and Bill wanted to try it out. ."  (* Mike left in 1978)  I find it interesting that Mike called the cross-bar an airfoil; I am guessing this is where the name "foiler" came from for the Cycle Pro.  

Updated on 4/01/2010


First let me say that the form forces you to enter a year, I chose 1977 but I don't know the year for a fact, I purchased it used in late 1981. I changed a lot of the things on the bike once I received. It was advertised and sold to me as a Race Inc, (Cooks Bros. forks), it has Race Inc stickers on it; I learned later of the cross bar differences between between Race Inc. and Cycle Pro, but admittedly lived in denial as I liked the name Race Inc better. (Race Inc. actually made the frame as well as one for FMF, they are all the same basic design.)  *See added note above

The pictures are, 1) of it hanging in the barn, I flipped the picture over, and 2) two from 1982.

Frame: Race Inc. (Cycle Pro), aluminum, gold; 
Fork: CW Racing, gold;
Handlebars: GT;
Neck: Tuff Neck, gold;
Seat: Kashmax Aero, blue;
Seat post: Fluted, blue;
Brakes: Dia-Compe, blue;
Crank: Takagi MX, 175mm;
Pedals: Skyway Tuff Pedals, blue;
Tires: Comp III, blue (the same ones I bought new in '82, still in new condition);
Grips: Oakley .5, blue; (Now replaced with A'ME Rounds)
Pads: California Lite;
Rims: Araya;
Hubs: Sun Tour:
Front Sproket: Pete's Precision Products, 43T:
Rear Sproket: Unknown, 15T:
Other: Dirt Skirt, gold

Submitted by Brianm

  • Race
  • Company: Race Inc.
  • Model: RA-7
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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