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Race Inc. started around 1974 after Bill Bastian made aluminum prototypes for Kawasaki built by Triple A which was run by Marshall Yocum. Bill Bastian was an employee. He left Triple A & went on to start Race Inc. They started making BMX handlebars & seatposts & in 1976 released the Race Inc. RA-7, the first mass produced aluminum BMX frame. 

As well as being sold under Race Inc.'s name, the RA-7 was sold as FMF (Team Replica) & Peugeot (CPX-500) in 1976, Cycle Pro (Spoiler & Foiler) in 1977, Laguna (GT) in 1978, & SE Racing (Basher - 2nd type) in 1982. The Airfoil design was only sold under Race Inc. & Cycle Pro. Race Inc. also made a frame for Raleigh (Rampar) with a 19" top tube. It looks like an RA-9 but has the classic Race Inc. front gusset, which the RA-9 does not have.

The first frames didn't have a brake bridge through mid '77, & the 1970's frames had diamond dropouts. In 1980 Race Inc. switched to SE Racing's flat dropouts, & started the RA serial #'s. Race Inc. & SE Racing had deep ties to each other in the '70s/early '80s. When Scot Breithaupt leaves FMF & starts SE Racing in 1977/1978. He contracts out Race Inc. to make SE Racing's aluminum frames, which continued until 1982 when SE Racing took aluminum production in house.

The RA-8 Mini was also sold as FMF's Jr Pro. All of Race Inc.'s other models were only sold under Race Inc.'s label. They include the Jr size RA-9, the RM-1 & RM-2 Pro size Chromoly, the RA-10 (a round tube geometric copy of the P.K. Ripper), & RA-24 cruiser. The RA-24 was the only model Race Inc. offered as a complete.  Race Inc. closed its doors in 1984.

Serial numbers ID (’79-’84) Looptail frames ONLY…
2xxxx = late 1979
3xxxx = 1980
4xxxx = 1981
5xxxx = 1982
6xxxx = 1983
7xxxx = 1984

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