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1980 Quicksilver Team

1980 Quicksilver Team

Rare original Team Quicksilver



This is my bike which I built up after purchasing the frame new in 1980. This was one snappy bike in its day with it's high lustre chrome and black component ensemble. I Decided to build it up with a black component group set as at the time, the BMX world was awash with red, gold and blue anodising and I thought the black colour scheme would stand out. It did!  

The original freestyle wheel set was a set of black Skyways Tuff 2's and regretfully, like the black high flange Dura Ace road hubs with track axles and black Araya 7X rimmed race wheels, they were sold off many years ago. The bike has just undergone restoration.

This bike is fitted with a centre pull brake calliper set which vastly improved the braking performance as brakes of that era for BMX bikes were generally very poor. The handmade long reach brake lever for the Shimano DX lever mount also aided in braking performance and was more comfortable than the standard DX lever.

This proved to be a very capable race bike and also a very strong bike for freestyle riding and jumping.



Well The restoration is  complete.

The pedals are Suntour BMX pedals which I have custom upgraded to the Suntour Superbe Pro seal set and chrome plated the spindles, polished the bodies and reanodised  black the cages to match. They will effectively be "Suntour XC Compe" specification but threaded for 1/2" cranks and not stamped "COMPE". These pedals spin equally as smooth as my Superbe Pro road pedals on my vintage road racing bike. These pedals are the best of the best! (The Suntour Superbe Pro group set was the best quality that money could buy.)

I was never happy with the steel guts for the seat on the original saddle so I decided to graft a Suntour XC seat clamp (same design as Suntour Superbe Pro) onto my original Nitto seat post to support the "ISCA" NOS saddle which dates back to the mid to late '70s. I chose this saddle as my original saddle was a "Seamless" smooth leather skinned track saddle, I wanted to maintain the same theme as when I built the bike. I retained the Nitto seat post as I found them to be without question, the strongest aluminium seat post available. The wheels consist of Suntour Sealed bearing hubs and UKAI rims with SS spokes laced 4 cross for bomb proof wheels. The original fittings for the brake cable routing were pretty crude as I made them when I was 16 years old at the time so I have replaced those parts with custom made parts for consistency with the quality finish.

The feeling when I sit on this bike and look at it now brings back such vivid memories - the same as when I first mounted it when I was a young fella who ate, slept and breathed BMX.

This really is a special machine!


June 24 2014

After much deliberation, and almost 35 years of ownership as the original owner, I have sold this bike. Whether or not I have done the right thing, I am still not sure. The one consolation is that it has gone to a new owner who fully appreciates it for what it is. He has promised me that this bike will always be known and presented as "David's bike" given that the meticulous restoration and custom modifications have been made by me, David.


Why did I sell it you might ask: most things deteriorate over time if not given the particular attention required by them to preserve them in pristine condition. As my interests have changed over the years since I regularly rode this bike, I have seen the decay first hand hence the subsequent need for a full restoration. As the bike is once again in as new condition the onus rests with the new owner to ensure that the care it warrants is provided to preserve this Australian BMX icon for future generations to appreciate.

Submitted by Crockett

  • Race
  • Company: Quicksilver
  • Model: Team
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Team Quicksilver Factory Replica Frame; Ame Grips; Win Cro mo V Bars; Shimano DX Brake lever mount with custom long reach lever and stainless steel pivot with custom made nylon bushes; Pro Neck and pad (not shown); Tange MX-2 head set; Tange TRX Cro mo fork; Suntour Sealed Bearing Hubs; UKAI rims SS spokes laced 4 cross; Tioga competition 3 skin wall tyres; Tange BB set with high count bearings; Sugino 175mm Cro mo one piece crank; Takagi spider and chain ring sizes 39T,43T (fitted)& 45T; DID full nickel chain; Customised Suntour BMX/Superbe Pro pedals; Weinmann 750 centre pull brake with custom made fittings for cable routing; Nitto/Suntour XC custom seat post; Suntour seat post clamp; ISCA Competion leather suede saddle; ACS Cro mo freewheel; Dia-Compe F1 brake blocks.

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