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1982 Quicksilver 24

1982 Quicksilver 24

An Original Factory Rider Built Frame.

A Bike I hold very close to me, as I lil 11yr old growing up I worshipped an older guy down the street from me that was rad on a BMX, he raced & he could even do X-Ups :)

He looked out for me, taught me things & also let me ride his bikes, this "exact" build being one of them, he was sponsored by Quicksilver & had one of the very 1st built that was serial stamped with an X at the end to signify that this was a Factory Rider Built Frame..

After a very very fortunate search here it is, now in my possession & for good.. This is basically the bike that got me into BMX, this is where it all started.. ENJOY!

Frame - 1982 Quicksilver 24" (rechromed)

Fork - Tange (rechromed)

Stem - Nitto MX2 (new)

Bars - Win Cruiser Bars (unrestored)

Seat - Kashimax MX (new)

Seat Clamp - Addicks Blue (new)

Post - Nitto (new)

Brakes - Shimano Tourney (new)

Lever - Shimano (new)

Rims - Araya

Hubs - Suzue H/F (new)

Cranks - Takagai 180mm original with the bike.

Chainwheel - Addicks (new)

Chainwheel bolts - Addicks Type.

Tires - CST Skinwalls....

Submitted by skywaydays

  • Race
  • Company: Quicksilver
  • Model: 24
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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