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1979 Quicksilver Type 1b

1979 Quicksilver Type 1b

mk1 quicksilver bmx 1979 old school racer

1979 quicksilver, original mk1 nitto stem, tange forks, and fluted post
takagi black crank to suntour sprocket
chasing the original hangers and a rear tuff1 to complete
Took the bike for a ride today, rides great. but thinkin its not my style and how much i know some people loves these.
to the right home ill consider it a give away to a loving home as i have too many bikes, and rather working on them then riding them
Got some new bars today seem to look era correct, much better ride than the gtpiston ones that were on there. just got to get myself a rear tuff (5spoke)
if anyone has one floating around lonely, id be interested in buying out there around brissy australia
and i dont really like chrome bikes, so still debating on what to do with this old gem
serial = 3129xxm guessing its a 3/12/79 (stamped on left dropout) bike num xx ive left hidden. will remain two hidden numbers for the meantime
anyone with any info can please help about the serial

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