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1981 Quicksilver Type 1b

1981 Quicksilver Type 1b

Rubbish heap refugee lives again.

Competition Development, the parent manufacturer produced this model, now referred to as the Type 1b, between [aprox] mid 1979 & August 1981 & this example was produced in April 1981.

Found in a roadside rubbish heap during a Council Cleanup by a friend, & it was passed to me soon after.

Originally a full factory build it has been completely rebuilt as a Retro race bike with only the frame remaining from the original bike. It was successfully campaigned into first place in the two Retro Race Series by two riders who piloted her for me. [I'm over 60 so I don't ride it myself] We race in the Over 40 class & they were both damn fine riders indeed.

It uses a Tange TRX fork, Campy cranks & Campy high flange hubs.  Rims are replica 7X while the bars are Redline & grips are A'ME.

The pictures show her in her current & [probably] final state of development. It's just a Tri Moly frame but her heart is pure & her pace is swift. Long may she ride the berms.

Submitted by Kid_Carbine

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