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1981 Quicksilver Limited Edition

1981 Quicksilver Limited Edition

Lone survivor.

The Quicksilver Limited Edition was available for sale on 24 days only during the month of December 1981 as a Xmas Special. It was the only Quicksilver BMX model that was available exclusively as a complete bike, while other models could be bought as a bare frame or factory built up to any level that the buyer wished. It was also built with quality components & this placed it among the more expensive BMX bikes in the market.

With only 21 shopping days between Tuesday the first of December & Xmas eve it had a short availability period, so for these reasons it is understandable that few were sold.

It was still available for three shopping days after Xmas, but most people had gone on holliday &/or had spent all that was going to be spent on consumer goods for a while. Once Santa had gone, .... he was gone.


Unsold examples were returned to the factory in early January 1982 to be converted to components.


At the time of this submission, this is the only known surviving example & with the exception of the chain & tyres, it is otherwise complete & original.

It will wait its turn in the queue to undergo a complete restoration & it is hoped that the [so far] hidden serial number will be revealed once the original paint is removed.

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