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1980 Quicksilver Team

1980 Quicksilver Team

Very rare frame, only 5 known left in captivity

This frame has a bit of history with me. I bought it in 2004 from Dropbear (Pete) and sold it a year later due to a servere money shortage. I sold it to MR BMX (Marty) and about 2 years ago he wanted one of my frames (Blackhawk) and we did a straight swap and I got the same frame back. And here it is, the first real team Quicksilver frame!

Team Quicksilver frame
Tange Forks
Araya 7X rims
Suzue hubs
Mitsuboshi Comp IV rear, Comp III front
Shimano 600 cranks
KKT Lightning pedals
Dia Compe MX1000 caliper
Shimano DX lever
Suntour seat clamp
Alloy seatpole
Kashimax seat
Suntour headlock
Nitto MX-2 stem
Kuwahara Laser bars
Oakley .5 grips

Submitted by QuicksilverBMX

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