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1981 Quicksilver

1981 Quicksilver

OG Aussie Survivor!

I bought this '81 Quicky from the original owner, who told me he won it in a competition in '82.. All parts are OG & in great condition..

OG paint & decals
Tange TX-500 forks
Alps v-bars
Nitto MX-1 stem
Fuan 8 grips
Chang Star brakes (1020-style front caliper, MX1000-style rear caliper, Chang Star LH lever & Shimano RH lever)
Quicksilver stamped seat
Fluted seat post
OG seat post clamp
Takagi MX OPC with Three Arrows chainwheel 
UKAI box rims to Shimano hubs
IRC Super-MX 'The Gripper' tyres
OG 80's dirt! 😁
  • Race
  • Company: Quicksilver
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"