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Pure Bicycle Company (2008–2015)

The Pure Bicycle company was formed in 2008. At the time we were looking for a frame company that could supply our BMX race team with frames that suited all ages and we could not find a BMX frame that suited us all. At this point we decided to design and manufacture our own BMX frames and The Pure Bicycle Company was born. 

Our first point of call was to try and find a UK company that could make the BMX frames for us but we had no luck finding a company that wanted to work with BMX frames. We took the step and had some Titanium BMX frames made and they proved to be very successful on the track with their unique seat post design. The titanium BMX frames were a great frame to ride but the cost was too much for the market so we looked at creating an aluminium BMX frame. We sourced a company in Europe to make the aluminium BMX frames for us. The geometry of the BMX frames was perfect and everybody loved how the BMX frames rode. As our company grew we had to find a new manufacturing partner that could for fill our international orders. We have now joined with Yess BMX Products who now produce our frames by hand in Canada. 

Our aim is produce the highest quality frames that not only look great but perform better than they look. We have used the latest in Hydroforming technology to create a BMX frame that can transfer the power of the rider directly to the track. We have looked at every part of the bike to try and improve each area, as a result we have things like our drop out savers and integrated chain tensioner. 

I would like to give you a little history about myself. I have raced BMX since I was 4 years old. I started at my local club back in 1983 and I am still an active member at the club. I have raced at all levels at the sport and competed in many world and European championships around the world. In my early twenties I started to work in a coaching role and became a British Cycling talent team coach helping young riders to achieve their goals in the sport. During this time I worked as manager of Custom Riders a specialist BMX shop, I worked there from when I was at school till I was 19. I left there to do a CNC Engineering apprenticeship. I learnt many engineering skills on how materials work and what is possible with machines. Once I had qualified the call to be in the cycle industry was too great and I had the opportunity to return to Custom Riders. I was there full time until Christmas 2011. I have since been working as Director of The Pure Bicycle Company, building the brand and designing and all that goes with running a business. In 2013 we launched our own parts ranged called P-Tech and there are many new items in the pipe line for the P-Tech range. 

I love to see one of our frames out on the track and riders having fun on them. Watching Pure bikes win BMX races gives me great satisfaction, just to see all the work that has gone into the frames has paid off and it is helping riders achieve their goals.

See you at a track soon,


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