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1978 Puch Challenger MX

1978 Puch Challenger MX

This is my 1978 Puch Challenger Mx that hung in my parents' garage for nearly 30 years!

Having recently returned to BMX in my 40s I decided it was time to find this bike, give it some TLC and restore it.  It is nearly all original, including tires. I have not seen another like this one on the museum. Most Puch pics are from 1979 or later and have a tubular steel fork, whereas this one is a classic flat Ashtabula steel. These bikes were popular in the tri-state areas of CT, NY and NJ in the late 70s where you would not only find Puchs, but also the immensely popular Fuji 500x and Rampar R10s. This thing stood out because of the bright yellow color which has unfortunately faded with age.

Here are the specs that I can tell so far:

Frame w/headtube gusset, BB gusset and looptail!
*made in the USA (possibly by Speed Unlimited/Thruster, although I heard they did not start making Puch until 1981.)
Fork - flat steel Ashtabula
Crank - 1 piece Ashtabula
Bars - unknown
Grips - Toadstool
Stem - classic one piece "gooseneck", unknown
Wheels - Araya Steel
Hubs - Araya 
Seat - Viscount (replaced original quilted seat)
Pedals - good 'ole rat trap steel

My plan is to clean it up, restore and get back to rideable condition. Perhaps I'll see some more names stamped in the parts when I regrease. I welcome any info folks may know about the brand or specific model.  This thing sure brings me back to the early days of BMX. Those were such great times.

Submitted by Toddster