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1979 Puch Challenger MX

1979 Puch Challenger MX

Not commonly seen Nice quality Old School BMX

1979 or 1980 PUCH Challenger Mx BMX Bike. The bike looks decent, but the paint is faded blotchy and the gold decals have faded some and worn. Besides the paint the bike looks pretty good. The parts are a Kashimax MX seat, Tange Bottom Bracket, Sr Slant stem Red but has faded to almost a pink color, the same with the SUZUE hubs, Sr Stem, Sugino Snowflake Sprocket, one worn tooth but still in good working condition, Dia Compe Brakes with offset Dia-Compe levers, one super MX tire and one identical Kenda MX tire, both in very good condition. The rims are very unusual unmarked alloy 2.125, two spokes missing in front rim but still straight, V-Bars unmarked and repainted red, look ok, but if seriously planning a full restore I would get them powder coated. The bike is a nice rider and a very early quality bike. Please e-mail with questions. 10 dollars extra shipping for west coast states. Please e-mail with questions. Serial number is 2652243.1979 PUCH Challenger MX Old School BMX Bike Kashimax Tange SR Suzue Sugino Dia Compe brakes Unsure rims, Bars and Seat Post. 

Submitted by comet77

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Puch
  • Model: Challenger MX
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Not sure of what material the bike is made.