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1974 Puch Challenger MX

1974 Puch Challenger MX

Split-Frame Looptail Pro Racer/ Ashtabula / Sunshine / Araya / Bendix

***Pure survivor - UNRESTORED - Not too many of these around.


I gave the bike a very slight cleaning, to try and keep all the original paint.

Everything is original to the make of the bike.


Side profile has before and after shots.



1974 PUCH Challenger MX

Split-frame Looptail Pro Racer 

SN#xx81 (4 numbers survived full visibility)

Original decals + blue paint (no powder)

Ashtabula head, forks, bars

Araya Model 17 2.125 rims

Sunshine (Japan) hubs

Michigan Super-MX 20x2.125 tires

Bendix coaster brake

Winner circle grips

Rat trap pedals


Submitted by clockwork77

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