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Prophecy BMX philosophy

"The victories of tomorrow start today"

Since the start of the BMX racing in the early 70's, materials and technologies used did not change that much. All BMX racing brands keep using steel or aluminium frames and the same standards for ages. Brands keep launching every year new frames with new design colours; new geometries or new tubing shapes only... without any big technology revolution.

So at Prophecy BMX, we decided to fight to be different... and bring all the new high-technology inside BMX racing to give to all BMX racers: performance, innovation and superior product.

« Our mission is to create innovative, quality products that inspire BMX racers around the world. »

Our passion for BMX racing can be seen at every turn, from our internal company decisions to our products we decide to make to be the best BMX company in the world, this is what drives us to conceive and manufacture products of the highest quality. Year after year, Prophecy BMX leads the industry with unsurpassed innovation and state of the art technology.


We invite you to learn us more: See for yourself what makes Prophecy BMX the industry leader; Take a test ride, check out our latest technology and product innovations at our website or visit us at the next BMX event you attend. Thanks for choosing Prophecy BMX. We look forward to meeting you!