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1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

1982 Profile Champ Pro with Eric Rupe Signature

Fully restored 1982 Profile Champ Pro. I spent almost a full  year restoring this bike. In all I tracked down parts on this build from 7 different countries. Australia, German, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia and the USA. For the most part everything I found was beat up and in very, very bad shape. The frame was in bad rider condition, the aluminum ProClass rims were scratched, gouged flaking clear coat and just pitiful to look at. Some  items like the hubs were brand new in the box fresh from 1983. The GT bars and post were acid washed to remove the rust along with many many other things to turn it into what you see here.

Parts include the Following:

  1. 1982 Profile Champ Pro Frame and Fork
  2. Profile Cranks and BB 175mm
  3. Haro Series 1 Plate and Number
  4. Hutch 2n1 Stem Lock
  5. 1983 Gt Pro Bars
  6. 1983 Gt Post
  7. 1982 Profile Pro Stem
  8. 1983 ProClass Aluminum Rims - Red Strips
  9. 1983 Bullseye Hubs
  10. MX100 Brakes
  11. Chrome Profile Pad Set
  12. Oakley B-1B Grips Red/Yellow
  13. Hutch Pro Pedals
  14. Comp III Tires
  15. Dia-Compe MX Clamp
  16. Rear frame savers ( not era correct just for bolt protection)
  17. Suntour Gear 44/16

Submitted by SoCalBMXKids

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