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1985 Profile Racing Magnatanium Mini

1985 Profile Racing Magnatanium Mini

Well it all started 2 years ago when I stumbled onto the hubs-Magnesium Shelled Gyrolites with factory aluminum axles on ebay.  I bought them knowing they were rare and I collect mainly PROFILE so it was easy-as time went on I have only found 1 other set.  I figured I would eventually use them on a PROFILE mini build but was in no hurry for that.  As time went on I acquired 2 set of mini pedals (Magnesium bodies with optional TI spindles).  I kept the better and sold off the other.  I always wanted the mini crankset but knew they were rare and figured I would never get a set-however I was lucky they found me as well as a NOS F/F set.  I have been extremely fortunate to have accumulated these parts in a fairly short time.  Anyhow the parts line up:

F/F: NOS Profile Magnatanium Mini
Headset: NOS Stronglite
Headset Lock: NOS HUTCH Magnesium
Seat clamp: none TI bolt that also holds the quick release
Seat: NOS UNI Mini Graphite
Stem:ESP mini stem-STUDD was sold
Bars: NOS Black RACE Inc.
Grips: NOS AME Mini Duals
Brakes: NOS DC 750 Center pulls in RED
Brake Lever: NOS Red Tech 3

Cable: DC
Brake pads: NOS Skyway Pro pads
Tires: NOS Panaracers
Rims: NOS UKAI Black 1 1/8
Hubs: Profile LF Gyrolite Magnesium AL axles
Spokes: Titanium
Nipples: Red alloy
Freewheels: Suntour 14 (NOS) and 17t
Cranks: Profile Magnatanium mini 165mm TI spindle
Chainring: NOS STUDD with Titanium hardware
Pedals: Profile Magnatanium mini Mag bodies and TI spindles
Chain: NOS Izumi Black/Silver
Pads: Black ZAP

I just wanted to thank the following that helped: Juan Mattos, MOTOX2000, J Haney, MAXIMUM85, DAGGET43, Stevenbvn, SantaAnaMassachusetts, Jason D'Asto, and Ray Reekie.