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1983 Profile Racing Champ Pro

1983 Profile Racing Champ Pro

Lets be clear. It is very hard to gave a correct date on Profile frames since they never used serial numbers, nor did they make changes to their frame sets. Most dates given on these bikes are questimates, unless your the original owner, or you bought it from the original owner. Even with that, if you bought in 83, it still could be a 82 or an 84 could be a 83, etc.


Frame : Champ Pro

Forks : Champ Pro

Cranks : Profile 3rd gen 180

Seat Post : Profile 

Stem :  Pro Neck II

Bars : Cw Pro

Plate : Zeronine Moto Control Plate/w zeronine numbers

Grips : A'ME

Pads : Cal Light

Headset : Tange LP125

Hubs : Shimano Dx

Rims : ACS Z Rims

Pedals : Shimano Dx

Chainring Disk : Pro Neck

Chainring : Tuff Neck 44 T

Rear Brakes : MX 1000 Dia Compe 

Lever : Tech 3

Cable & Guides : Dia Compe

Seat Clamp : Suntour

Seat : Kashimax Aero

Chain : Izumi

Submitted by Surf911S