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1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro

1982 Profile Racing Champ Pro



At one time, I thought the PROFILE straight blade fork in the Profile add was a 1st generation fork.  However, it was not.  The straight blade fork was made simultaneously with the more common leading edge design that we more commonly see.  The straight blade PROFILE fork has been mistaken for early Robinson forks in the past.   Robinson forks are much broader at the shoulder than the PROFILE fork and have much more rake than the PROFILES.  The PROFILES can stand on end but they do have a very slight rake.


UPDATE 3/4/10 THE FOLLOWING info came directly from PROFILE. However, I just found evidence in BMXA that would refute this timeline. Zagar's joined SCORPION in 4/82 BMXA 10/82 pg. 62-63. There is a PROFILE advertisement with these forks in the 4/82 BMXA on pg. 15. ****The way this fork came about was Rich Zagars, a PROFILE factory rider who also rode the famed Double Bar Profile Champ Pro currently owned by Jeff Haney.  He was the impetus for getting these forks designed and made.  **** There were less than 20 sets of forks manufactured and there are only 6 sets that I currently know of.  They were also used/raced up to around 1985.  There are only 2 F/F sets with original chrome, 2 F/F sets with OG stickers, and mine is the only one with original seat stay CHAMP PRO stickers and only the 5th Profile F/F set that I have seen with these stickers.  


4 sets are with there original frames

2 forks are separate (1 set of forks is NOS)  I have currently been able to count roughly 12-15 sets of these forks so the quoted count of 20 made has to be incorrect-maybe more like 50-100 sets as Jim Alley said they just didn't sell because they weren't liked. (2/07/2012)


I didn’t build this bike with the mindset of a BITD build because nobody would build a bike like this nor would a factory team rider.  I built this bike this way as a tribute to PROFILE and all the top quality parts they made.


The other funny story about this F/F set is that it is here on OS-BMX .  Notice just because this gentleman said he bought it in 1984 does not mean it was manufactured in 1984.  I first saw this on Ebay in February 2008 where it sold for $829 for the Frame, fork, LP 125, Chrome Tuf or Pro neck, Chrome DC hinged clamp, and a chrome MX-1000 caliper and it was originally from New Jersey (I have the auction in my archives).  I did not bid because I was not sure I was getting into the hobby at the time and regretted not buying it after realizing what it was and vowed if I ever saw it again I would get it.  One day it popped up again on the bay this past summer and it was in Germany so I contacted the owner and we struck a deal just for the frame, fork and headset for a great price in my eyes.


FRAME/FORK- Profile Champ Pro F/F with OG chrome and stickers-This F/F combo is 1 of 6 known to exist and only one of 2 with original chrome and most of it’s stickers and the only 1 of 2 with OG CHAMP PRO Stickers on the seat stays.  The straight drop out fork is 1 of less than 100 built.

HANDLEBARS-Profile 1st Generation PRO bars-Original Chrome and stickers 29 x 8.5

STEM-Profile 2nd Gen Solid Bottom Lockjaw stem-original finish and hardware.

CRANKS-Profile Early 2nd Generation BOX Cranks without drain holes and with the lip for the spider-mine from when I was 12-rechromed arms-all OG hardware and NOS crank stickers.

SPIDER-Profile 130mm Spider-used-mine from when I was 12

BOTTOM BRACKET-Profile stamped bearing cups-some of the earliest they made-only have seen 2 sets (bearings replaced).  NOT made very long.


PEDALS-Profile Horse Shoes-NOS

HUBS-Profile High Flange GYROLITE II hubs with optional Titanium axles with Titanium nuts and washers (all Gyrolites were issued with TI hardware)-NOS before being laced (only NOS set Gyrolite II’s I knew of before lacing).

PADS-Profile Chrome pad set ORIGINAL

HEADSET-TANGE LP-125 Original to the F/F set except the locknut and dirt skirt (I changed them)

GRIPS-OAKLEY B-1B’s-NOS with nos Crud plugs


SEATPOST-PROFILE Layback seat post

 SEAT CLAMP-DIA COMPE 2 Bolt seat clamp-NOS

RIMS-UKAI Speedlines Shiny Sides-SS spokes, gold nipples

TIRES-MITSUBOSHI COMP 2 Tires-Used rear…NOS front

BRAKES-DIA COMPE MX-1000 Dated 1982 TECH 3 lever, 1982 Dated DC Cable

BRAKE SHOES-MATHAUSER curved brake pads-used