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1983 Profile Racing Champ Pro

1983 Profile Racing Champ Pro

1983 Profile Champ Pro (sold in 1989)

I just found this B&W pic.

I shot it just before I sold my last BMX bike from BITD. (I love B&W, but now kinda wish these were color. Also wish we'd shot the right side.) This is a 1983 Profile. I kept it longer than any other old BMX bike. Pics were shot in 1989 just after I finished college and days before I moved to Japan. I sold it to help me survive in Japan until I found a job. Sale price? $375, I think. Buyer promised to give me first right of refusal when he sold it, and at the $375 sale price. I was sick about selling it, but I needed every penny I could get before I left. Lucky I did. . .I was unemployed for more than a month there.

I never did hear from the buyer. If anyone knows a guy in Dayton, Ohio, with this bike (I think he lived in Oakwood, to be exact.), tell him I'm ready to buy it back, if he's ready to sell.

Pic with green writing is from the back of race pic. Note my mom took, recording spec of the bike in 1983.

Quick rundown of parts. . .

Profile Champ Pro f/f (Off Shore sticker on fork leg)

DK stem

Tange MX-5 headset

GT Pro bars

Oakley B1B grips

Profile Cranks

Profile spider (Wonder what happened to the Phil spider I had on it in 1984--second color pic.)

Suntour pedals

Profile Gyrolite hubs/chrome 7x rims

GT seatpost

Comp 3s (look a little tired)

Kashimax Aero saddle

Dia-Compe hinged seat clamp

Dia-Compe 890 brakes (It

Kool Stop Continental brake pads

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