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1996 Profile Rocket

1996 Profile Rocket

1996 Profile Rocket Prototype..

I was told this is 1 of 4 prototype frames Profile and Bill Prince (founder of Rocket BMX) came up with when the two companies were set to merge in '96-'97. The merger never went through even though BMX Plus magazine had published that it had. The 2 things that make it a "prototype" is 1) no serial number and 2) the final version of these frames ended up having smaller rear dropouts... not  a smaller axel size, but a smaller aluminum plate that the dropouts were cut into and then welded to the frame.

Parts are as follows----
Profile/Rocket Delta 20" XL prototype aluminum frame
Profile H.I.P. stem
Profile Imperial chainring
Elf Blaster bars
AC cranks (180 mm)
Mosh forks and pedals
GT Mohawk hubs
Redline seat post clamp 
I printed the stickers myself

Very light, Very fast. Very smooth ride.