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1983 Profile Racing 24

1983 Profile Racing 24

Distinctive frame with reinforcement bar on the main triangle, this 24" cruiser was a rare sight in my neck of the woods back in the day. Had to have one!

Purchased here on the site as a 1983 Profile Champ 24" Cruiser, with 24" TRX forks from Tange. I started with the f/f, then added 3rd gen Profile cranks, a Sugino chainring, and white DX pedals. These connect to the Araya wheels with an Izumi chain, and roll 24" Snakebelly tires on Bullseye hubs. A blue Tuf Neck holds Redline cruiser bars and Oakley B-2 grips, along with a really cool Terrycable setup - one lever pulls both front and rear MX-1000 brakes. DC MX clamp holds a reinforced laid-back post and Kashi. 

Submitted by cappy227

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