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2000 Powerlite P40 Warhawk

2000 Powerlite P40 Warhawk

Luke's Powerlite p40 Warhawk fastback is going to be raced again.We all miss ya bad buddy.

I Bought this bike for my son Luke when he was 11 year's old. He loved his p40, the cheeky rascal peeled of the main sticker's. I asked him why did you do that,his reply was dad if know one knows what it is they wont steal it. Luke road this p40 for five years. He rode this bike hard, then he swapped it for a Cannondale mountain bike, my Luke was killed in a car accident on the 10/5/2014.  He was 23, he was not only my son, he was my best mate. This is for you Luke R.I.P. buddy, i love you mate. At Luke's funeral, one of his best mate's came up to me and told me he had Luke's p40 and i could have it. Thank you Ozzy, you are a true mate, so here's some picture's of the bike when i got it back, different back wheel, ripped seat, but still in petty good condition. Now me and my youngest son Marshall have got this baby ready to race, check out some of Marshall Mckie in action on you tube.

Submitted by Macka

  • Race
  • Company: Powerlite
  • Model: P40
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"