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1979 Powerlite

1979 Powerlite

tribute/eye candy/survivor build

Built as a tribute to the Powerlites I remember from my LBS bitd. Crazy color combos, tons of anodized parts.

Had the frame/fork for a while before I built it up and unfortunately didn't realize the headtube was cracked until I was nearly done. I finished it anyway and have been looking at it hanging in my basement ever since. I'm starting to waver on sacrificing what I believe to be the OG finish in order to repair the frame to ridable condition. The complete weighs 22 lbs, with a fairly roomy riding position despite being such a small bike. I recently finished a next-gen '81 that is an absolute blast to ride, and I'm betting this bike would be too. 

These early Powerlites are very cool to look at. Pretty light, with notably thinner tubing, gussets, dropouts and welds than say, a comparable year Mongoose or even Redline. Funny, my memory is that they were actually fairly heavy bikes. But then again, I may have been thinking that in the mid '80s, because this bike is noticeably light. Yep, I really am wavering on fixing this. I mean, shit, Elgin is just a 45 minute drive from my house... 

'79 f/f * SR double bump stem * Redline 2nd-gen stamped v-bars * MX-II headset and bb * Dura Ace 170 crankset * DID nickel chain * Tioga Surefoot 2 pedals (still looking for correct set) * Ariake/Jaguar seat * Xcaliber spc * fluted 7/8" post * DC Tech 3/1020/cable/clip * Suzue HF/Araya 7c wheelset * suntour freewheel * 1.75" Snakebellies (mine from bitd)

Submitted by farmboy

  • Race
  • Company: Powerlite
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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