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Powerlite (1978–2012)

Powerlite started small, still going today

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powerlite headtube sticker

Early Powerlites ’77-78 had square brake bridges.
’79 and later had a slotted brake bridge.
It seems both the Pro and Jr. were available with Euro BB’s
Jrs. cam stock with Euro BB and Pro was an option.
1977-81 bike had a front gusset with hole.
1982 and on they dropped the gusset.

P11 Cobra

P16 6 Speed

P17 Fireball

P19 Falcon

P24 Cruiser

P28 Intruder

P38 Lightening

P40 Warhawk

P47 Thurderbolt

P51 Mustang

P61 Coqpit

powerlite head tube

powerlite head tube

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