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Porter Racing Products (2003–2006)

Porter Racing Products was established in early 2003 and closed in late 2006 .Production was 50 twenty inch frames and 30 24" cruisers .The forks produced numbered 50. The frames were designed and spec'ed by the owner,Jim Porter,most were built through Bill Ryan at S/X BMX . The first prototype hit the track at the NBL's Rocky Mountain national in Aurora Colo in the summer of 2003 .The first twenty inch frame was sold in late 2003 . The first production run of 24" cruiser took place in late 2004 . The forks,only available in 20" were the lightest cromo fork on the market at the time weighing in at a light 26 oz.
PRP closed it's doors in late 2006 while still having a high demand . An ugly divorce created financial problems for the owner which ultimately killed any more production.Serial #001 is still being ridden to this day in Fla.Cruiser #001 has changed hands twice but is still unstickered and unbuilt .

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