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2001 Planet X

2001 Planet X

British made rare in the extreme - one of the few examples known. The result of extensive searches was that only one other example of this Planet X could be found!

Planet X based in Yorkshire, England made a small number these cool frames, just one short run in 2001. This frame was delivered in lacquer/clear coat over bare metal. The company name decals on each side of the bottom tube are under the clear coat. There is a metal 'X' badge on the head tube but the bike does no have any model name. Examples branded as Planet X are far from common, this is due to the fact the decision was to sell the bikes in 2002 under a sub division of the company called On One. These were given the model name The Runt but still a very rare BMX as only very of the Runt frames were made and came out of the same run. (only one On One Runt is registered on here -

This Planet X is probably unique as it is probably the only NOS example on the planet! 

I built this Planet X in May 2019 from a New Old Stock frame I was lucky enough to find. The build was with a view on using components of the period, parts you could have chosen around the timothy frame was originally retailed.
The frame is 4130 Chromoly and has very nice welds. The top tube is 21 Inches, so the bike is great size. 
I wanted to complete the bike, as it had been a bare frame for 18 years and that seemed sad to me. Now the bike is complete and I am ready pass it on, so if you'd like a BMX you know you're not likely to see anyone else with, message me. I'll arrange to ship to you, wherever you are.

In terms the components I have collected together quite a lot of Odyssey kit. I also chose to fit a pivotal seat, as a nod to Darcy Saccucci at Macneil for coming up with the concept in 2003. I tracked down the earliest Macneil SL seat and post set up I could find.

Here's the pars spec run down:
  • Odyssey 41 Thermal 165mm 3 piece cranks. 19mm hollow Cromoly spindle, sealed bearings in alloy sleeves.
  • Odyssey 41 Thermal 4130 - Legendary freestyle fork 
  • 2 x Odyssey M Pegs (not fitted in photos).
  • Superstar Elect bottom loader stem.
  • Odyssey freewheel. 
  • Odyssey Monolever. (not fitted in photos)
  • Odyssey EVO II brake (not fitted in photos)
  • Cut down Mongoose handlebars. (BMX Museum decal on crossbar!)
  • Vintage Macneil SL pivotal seat & Macneil post.
  • Salt seat post clamp. 
  • Gusset Slim Jim Pedals.
  • Profile Imperial 36T chainwheel,
  • Odyssey Dirt Path front tyre.
  • Odyssey Hazard front rim with original Gen 1 Vandero red anodised hub.
  • Rare French Twenty BMX rear flip-flop hub laced onto Sun Rhino rear rim.
  • ASM street slick rear.

Submitted by 20-20

  • All-Around
  • Company: Planet X BMX
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 21
  • Headtube size: 1"

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