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Phoenix Pro Cycles (2011–2012)

About Phoenix Pro Cycles

Company Founder: Tom Floyd Like its mythical namesake, Phoenix Sports was born from decades of learning and trying different disciplines, culminating in the birth of this new entity by founder Tom Floyd. Starting with Phoenix Pro Scooters in 2009, leading to the creation of Phoenix Pro Cycles in 2011, both companies are a testament to years of arduous endeavors resulting in the birth of the Phoenix brand. Tom was the owner of the legendary Cantina Mountain Bike Shop in San Diego, California and after selling the shop worked for Haro Bicycles and later FOX Racing Shox.  Tom has a long history of working with professional cycling athletes such as Mike King, Brian Lopes, Marla Streb, Scotty Sharples and many others.  Having himself raced BMX, Downhill Mountain Bikes and Roadracing Motorcycles, Floyd is a disciple of speed. Inspired by cutting edge engineering from the worlds of MotoGP and Formula One, every directive injected into our bicycle design is geared towards ultimate performance and top level American craftsmanship.  Phoenix Sports, LLC Phone: 503.626.6993 Fax: 503.526.0685 9950 SW Arctic Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005

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