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1988 Phase 2 24

1988 Phase 2 24

A recent email from Stuart:

Hey Gary, I can tell you are really digging through all of your old information to make this site better, thanks for the effort.

Here are some things I found that need to be corrected.  On the Phase II page you added a bike called a 2002 phaseII 24 cruiser.  Well I had wondered if you would ever put those pictures up as I sent them to you a couple of years ago before I sold the bike.  The reality is that both of the phase II bikes you have on the site are the same bike.  The first 1988 frame and fork is the exact same bike as the complete "2002".  I am not sure how the info got messed up on it as phase II was long gone in 2002 and the headset is actually 1" threaded, since it was made in 1988.  the blue frame sticker I made up cause I like black and blue, I just made them up for me, and the stickers that are on the Frame and Fork only shots are more correct to what phase II stickers looked like, as I made those when I got ready to sell the frame & fork.

Hope that clears some things up as I just want to help you keep the site as correct as possible.  the info on here is great...thanks...

Submitted by Anonymous

  • Race
  • Company: Phase 2
  • Model: 24
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"