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1988 Phase 2 24

1988 Phase 2 24

Notice the extra bracing near the bottom bracket

A recent email:Gary, just wanted to correct something on your information for the Phase 2 bike on your site.  It is listed as a Pro size frame and fork.  It is actually a cruiser Frame and fork.  To be honest, it was my bike and I have actually acquired it again and am currently stripping it and painting it back to the original white that Ernie Smith himself gave me in 1988.  i raced that frame and fork in 1988-89, 94-96, 2001.  it has been around for a while and is sitting in my kitchen right now for the final stripping.  When i get it painted and stickered I will send you pics.

by the way I love the new site, very cool.

Stuart Harrison
HRPdesigns Custom BMX plates
ex Factory Phase II rider

Older email with info:

Well believe it or not Phase II Factory Team won the World Championship Title at the 1988 NBL Worlds in Orlando, FL. I know because I was a factory rider that year. The team manager was smart enough to put a 40 & over cruiser guy, 2 girls, and one little guy. Gary Martin the 40+ guy flipped the gate and still got 3rd... no one and I mean no one touched Gary, Anyways, Ernie and Rosemary Smith and their son JR, from Peachtree City, GA owned the company. They all currently live in W. Va and run a track. If you would like more info,you can go to the NBL website and click on the regional page. Their track is host to one... JR and Ernie run the track and I'm sure they would give you more info. His bikes looked like SRP's because he bought out SRP [STAYLEY RACE PRODUCTS]and changed the name.

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  • Race
  • Company: Phase 2
  • Model: 24
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"