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1986 Phase 2 Pro

1986 Phase 2 Pro

1986 Phase 2 titanium pro

I just bought this frame and fork set of a friend of mine the other day and quickly built it using some parts I had laying around.

I do not know the history associated with this frame set however what I do know is it was purchased from a family here in Perth WA. Now back around 1987 there were three Phase 2 sponsored riders from Perth. 
They were Lyndal Ellement, Anthony Pymm and Andrew Robinson. Andrew rode a pro Phase 2 like this one. Darryn Hill also had a phase two Pro which he had sent from the US even before the other three riders were picked up by Phase 2. Darryn's and Andrew's Phase 2 Pro's were the the only known Pro's in Australia back then and thirty odd years later I own one found here in WA and another friend of mine has the other one.

FRAME: 1986 Phase 2
FORK: 1986 Phase 2
HEADSET: Unknown
HANDLEBARS: Powerlite Powerbend Pro
GRIPS: A'ME Tri Series Bubble font in black
LEVER: Odyssey Pitbull 1
CALIPER: Odyssey Pitbull 1
BOTTOM BRACKET: VP sealed bearing euro cartridge (127mm spindle)
CRANK ARMS: Terry Cable 175mm 
SPIDER?DISK?WHEEL: SR 44t chainwheel
SEAT CLAMP: DK single bolt
SEAT POST: Revcore (raw finish)
SEAT: Kashimax Aero 
RIMS: Araya 7x 20 x 1.75
TYRES: Tioga Comp3 reissue yellow lable fat & skinny
PADSET: Zeronine Soft Landing
PLATE: Haro Circuit Board

Ive been after one of these frames now for thirty years and now I finally have one. 

Not a lot is known about Phase 2 other than it used to be called SRP (Stanley Racing Products) but 1n 1985/6 was bought buy a guy names Ernie Smith who's son used to race in the NBL on mini race bikes. He changed the name to Phase 2 and the rest is history. What I find interesting is they had six different sizes of Titanium frames available however they also made 4130 Chromolly frame and forks too. From what I have seen over the years it appears that the 4130 frames use a USA bottom bracket where as all the titanium frames including the pro frames use a euro bottom bracket. I don't know if this is the case with every frame made but from what I've seen it sure looks that way.

Made a couple of changes recently by changing seat and grip colour to black and swapped the cranks out for a set of Terry Cable cranks. 

Awaiting a mint set of Bullseye gen 1 cranks to arrive. Also swapped the rims out for a set of chrome Araya 7X laced to polished Bullseye hubs. Also awaiting a black Shotgun 2 seat to arrive.  I've added the Haro pushpin number 6 to the plate but searching for a number 8 now.
More photos to come soon.

Submitted by Leereynolds

  • Race
  • Company: Phase 2
  • Model: Pro
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Seatpost size: 25.4