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1992 Peregrine Criag LePage Freestyler

1992 Peregrine Criag LePage Freestyler

sold it.

.to nice a bike had to sell it. to worried I might scratch it riding it.

1992 Peregrine Criag LePage Freestyler
this has Benn a dream bike build of mine for some time now. finally got all parts to build it up. so here they are was NOS F&F till I built it up. Peregrine frame and fork.GT head set gyro friendly. the head set came from member polanco. odyssey 2 gyro, peregrine stem NOS with shelf wear ,NOS peregrine zero sweep handlebar's.  grips are  NOS peregrine. it has Dia-compe tech 77 none looking levers hooked up to a front brake  that is Dia-compe nippon. a  dia-Compe 990 AD rear brake with a AZTEC alloy cable holder. the alloy one looks cooler than the stock steal one. front brake was green then striped and polished like chrome. the cranks are polished GT alloy 3PC power sires. sprocket is a NOS Peregrine cd 43 tooth. pedals wear spray boomed after striping like five coats off the Shimano DX polished up nicely. the chain is a black and silver IZUMI. the hardest part of the build was the wheels. twist lacing looks cool but sucks to true it. you can only do a half a turn at a time. its a pain but it looks cool. gave up on twisting  front wheel went with radial lace. on font. back hub is a NOS  Peregrine coaster brake freewheel , spokes are stainless steal rims are Peregrine HP super pro, the front hub is SUZI sealed bearing same as a Peregrine but it has a STANDERD INDUSTRY axle in it. most of the wheel parts/stuff came from member polanco tires are ACS RL edge front is 20 2.00     back is 20 175. seat post is a 25.4 Redline laid-back, seat is a NOS TRICK TOP , seat clamp is a GT I hand filed to fit over size seat tube. pegs NOS but I really have no clue what brand they wear.
 sorry this bike is going to the grave with me!   well what do you think of my build? not bad for a rider build?


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