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1992 Peregrine Craig LePage Freestyer

1992 Peregrine Craig LePage Freestyer

Peregrine Masterpiece of late old school and early mid school freestyle technology

I set out to try to build an all NOS, or as much as possible, complete Peregrine bike. Pictures dont even do this one justice! I fight off urges to ride this thing daily but its just so perfect, I must remain strong! Thanks to John at Dallas Bike Works for doing a first class (and careful) job, as usual, on building this bike for me. Here is the part rundown................... NOS 1996 Peregrine Craig LePage Frame & Fork, NOS Peregrine HP 48 Super Pros, NOS Peregrine Grips, NOS Peregrine Tires 1.75 front and rear, NOS Peregrine Axle pegs, NOS Peregrine Inverted Stem, NOS Peregrine Second Generation Q-Bars, NOS Front Peregrine Brake, NOS Peregrine Levers front and rear, NOS Peregrine seat, NOS Peregrine seatpost, NOS Peregrine Seat Clamp, Peregrine Pedals, Mint Re-Chromed Peregrine crankset, Repop stickers from AJK Bikes with sealed BB and two sided Peregrine Compact Disk. The only parts that are not Peregrine are the Odyssey Gyro, Cables, Izumi Chain, Headset, and Dia-Compe 990 rear brake. This is one of the coolest bikes ever! It took a lot of patience and $ to finish this one.

Serial Number: YS96100179

Submitted by REDLINE-FANatic

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