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Percentage Designs(1989–2006)

Percentage Succession >< Since 1989

Following Wade Bootes' return to Australia after getting renounced by TREK for his infamous banned substance fiasco, he teamed up with a small volume New South Wales, Australia - based frame manufacturer, Percentage Designs.

Together, they designed a new aluminum bike, with some super crazy-beefy chainstays.The production version you see here, got a more toned down version of the chainstays, but intricate detailing, CNC-milling, hydro-forming & rad fabrication abound everywhere you look.

There is not much Info around regarding these now unfortunately obscure frame/forks, so I put my guess at the actual production date at 2006-on.

The Percentage Designs website that was operational at the time by all accounts was very limited in its Info, so by fast forwarding the next 10 years or so until now, & that URL no longer is pertinent.

What minimal Info I found can be seen here (as well as the ultra-tough looking aforementioned prototype):


(scroll down to half-way down the page)

And one more reference:

I can see various influences in the styling of this P-XL frame, I will leave that up to all you knowledgeable BMXmuseum Pros to Identify, & by all means please comment on what other brands have inspired the makers of this Aussie race machine.

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