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Pashley (1966–2018)

We have great pride in what we do and this all comes from inside, from the people who work here and who spend their lives making sure we send out product we are proud of. From a small ‘front of house’ office team through to design and planning, and on to the essential manufacturing team, everyone at Pashley is dedicated to their jobs and dedicated to producing the very best quality products.

Some of the team have been with Pashley for over 40 years; some are recent school leavers who are working with us through an apprenticeship system, and whom we would hope that in 40 years’ time will be passing on their time served skills to the next generation. The final and very important element of our team are our valued customers; without their continuing support and feedback, Pashley could not continue to grow and evolve as Britain’s longest established bicycle manufacturer. 

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