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Parkpre started in 1989 after Cozy Yamakoshi, a product and development manager, left Diamond Back to start his own company. Parkpre USA were based in Moorpark, Southern California, USA., Producing bikes from the early 1990's until sometime in 1998 when they closed.Parkpre is the product of Cozy Yamakoshi. The actual name of the business was Integra Precision Corporation, it would not fit on the down tube, the Parkpre name came from Cozy's friend and mentor, Mr. Park, who was originally from Korea but changed his name upon moving to Japan. The Pre (precission) part of the name caused some consternation when Pre Skis got all hot and bothered over the Parkpre logo. Ever wondered what Parkpre USA's distribution centre looked like here are some pictures.

Parkpre frames were made at the Fairly Bike Manufacturing Co Ltd factory in Taiwan, where Cozy had a relationship. Cozy designed a few other things, he designed the original Timbuk II tyre, and had something to do with the Porcupine tyre. A Californian guy originally designed Pulstar Hubs, featured on many Parkpre bikes, Cozy took the design overseas, mass-producing it for the inventor. I think that this was the Hubs downfall, as the bearings and races used were of inferior quality, the hubs failed long before the wheelset should have. I'm sure many of you can verify this, I can.

Cozy was a famous frame designer before starting his own company... he built frames for REI under their own brand name (Novara), and designed and built the Kastle ski brand bike.

Cozy Yamakoshi has been in the bicycle business for over 30 years. Cozy was a Product Development manager at Western States Imports for many years. WSI was the company who made Centurion and Diamond Backs. He was instrumental in the manufacturing of BMX bikes in Japan and importing them to the United States.