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1978 Pantha MX1002

1978 Pantha MX1002

very rare pre production pantha mx-1002

while my dad was visiting i showed him some of my bmx's i had been working on , just before he left i asked him to look out for any old bmx's in his township called Palmerston north aka the birth town of pantha bmx . A month or two later he comes back up with a car full of bmx's , a Schwinn freestyler , two average huffys {going to the little cuzzies } and this pantha . Since then Ive talked to the original builder of the bikes and he told me these were the very first of the mx1002's made by pantha when they were "pedal pushers" cycle store in Palmerston north and sold as a kit set before they started to mass produce and market them . One easy way to tell is the hole in the front gusset rare to these bikes as only the first ones were made like this , also from the forks as they are also the first series forks pantha made . Since then i have stripped down , primed , chip proofed and top coated the frame and forks , cleaned up the tt bearing cups and re greased , brought a new white comp 3 tire for the rear to match the old one on the front , fitted new but used dia comp brake lever and imitation mx brake caliper to match the alloy cycle pro seat clamp {original re polished} and the head-stem top plate{also re polished} , cleaned the rust off the seat tube and treated it with anti rust {fish oil} , fitted the white n black button grips {old used but still look good} , still working on the handle bars that are the original box bars custom made by pantha as well as the alloy honey comb mag wheels being pantha world first with case bearings instead of balls and cups , i have a embossed black pantha shot gun 2 seat on its way also {Now has Pantha embossed shotgun 2 seat } Will update pics on the next sunny day 

Submitted by Gee Walls

  • Race
  • Company: Pantha
  • Model: MX1002
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details very rare

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