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1980 Panda Pro Am

1980 Panda Pro Am

Back in late 2003 when I first walked into Little Ades Bicycles for the first time in over 20 years, which is what started this almost 15 year firestorm of love, lust and collecting of BMX stuff, I met a guy names Scott Smith, who worked there at Little Ades and had also been friends with the owners son (now owner) for his whole life. Back in 1980 he bought a brand new Panda Pro Am frame and Tange TRX forks from Little Ades. At the time, the shop was literally in the back of Adolf's garage on Black St in Pekin. Scott got his Panda and it had the old style decals on it (uber rare to see now) but the new for 80 red block lettering decals came out and Scott changed his to those. In 2004 Scott was making room for more mountain and road bikes at home and asked if I wanted the Panda. I jumped on it. It was covered in green oxidation. I scrubbed at it with 00 steel wool and never dull and displayed it for a few months and then sold it. I almost instantly regretted it and Scott too was a little disappointed I felt, but I had sold it to Drew (Panda Pro Am420) and just told him that if he ever sold it, I'd take it back. Fast forward almost 13 years, Drew messaged me and said he was ready to sell. I jumped at it. I bought it minus a BB,wheels and tires and pads. I ended up switching brake lever and pedals and added wheels and tires, tubes, freewheel and swapping stems.

Panda Pro Am 20" pro frame. OG nickel and decals replaced in 1980
Tange TRX forks dated Jan of 1980
Tange Headset
Suntour headlock
Mongoose bars
Ame Tri bubble font grips
Dia Compe Tech 3 lever
Dia Compe MX1000 caliper
Dia Compe pads
GT seat post
Unicantor seat
Xcaliber seat clamp
Pro Neck stem
Araya 7X hoops
Red ano spokes and stainless nipples
Suntour 16t freewheel
Cheng Shin tires from the 80s. NOS
Izumi chain
Takagi 175mm cranks
Shimano DX pedals
Tange loose ball BB
Sugino spider
Sugino 43t chain wheel
Sunshine looseball hubs

California Lite Pads

Submitted by BRIAN HAYS

  • Race
  • Company: Panda
  • Model: Pro-Am
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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