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1975 Panda Shocker MX-4

1975 Panda Shocker MX-4

Super rare 1975 Panda shocker

I bought this when I was 12 years old in Yuba City, CA in the summer of 1975. It's been my only bike ever since. Took it to Germany for a few years and rode around, then to NY and rode it for a few years while in college, then it's been in NY ever since. Sitting in the garage for a number of years I decided to clean it up and restore it as a project with my teenage son. It's been a blast and got him riding BMX bikes here. No one has rode the restored Shocker yet since I wanted to get good pictures of it first. So the pictures are pristine, but hard to photograph shiny chrome.
Had a lot of help from Randy Kim, owner of Panda. He's such an awesome guy, and very helpful with details about the history of the bike. He designed the bike in 1974, and they produced about 450 in 1975. He said there were no serial numbers, but I do have a M-601 mark on the frame near the rear left axle bolt. On Randy's bike, it looks like M-xx8. He said those are numbers from the factory, and not Panda's serial number.
I've seen a few frames around that had a red "Shocker" sticker on the frame. My bike, and Randy's bike never had that. Only had the stickers on the tube that goes down from the seatpost that said "1010 high carbon American Steel , then the Panda picture , then the word PANDA".
Front shocks are real hydraulic shocks with chambers, spring, and oil. Some other bikes from the 70's usually were just springs inside the shock tube. Threaded crank bearing cups were nice, in that it allowed for the one piece crank. It never came with a kickstand. Spokes are crazy thick, almost like motorcycle spokes on heavy duty 20" rims.
I noticed a few frames I saw that had the shock bolt above the rear axle bolt in the rear. Mine and Randy's had the shock bolt below the axle bolt. Randy thinks maybe the factory put some on upside down. Or perhaps people broke the swing arm and welded it back upside down. Or it could be that some people tried to make an MX-4, as some frames I saw don't look like an MX-4 in many ways.
At the time I bought it, Evel Knievel was at his height. So you can image the crazy things I jumped with this bike. It was a good bike for high jumps. It's on the heavy side, so hard peddling uphill, but great for downhill.
Next summer the bike will be 40 years old, and refreshed and ready for riding !

Submitted by PandaRider

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Panda
  • Model: Shocker
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 18.5"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1975 Panda MX-4 Shocker, Front and rear shocks, Screw in crank cups, One piece crank, All chrome, Rear freewheel drum brake, 1010 high carbon American steel, Heavy duty rims with 0.120" thick spokes

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