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1976 Panda SuperCross 3

1976 Panda SuperCross 3

1976 PANDA Super Cross 3 (all original condition)

This is an exact replica of one of my first bikes as a kid.  It's a non-brake bridge 1976 'Supercross 3' Panda frame with original paint and decals.   Also has Panda handle bars and pad, and unique Panda triple clamp fork/stem combo.    Not exactly an 'exact' replica, i originally had a metallic green frame but haven't been able to find one of those yet....finding the rigid forks and handlebars was tough enough, for now...  

Some might think frames in this condition should be refinished but i never even considered it! 

frame ---------- Panda 

forks ----------- Panda  

handlebars ---- Panda 

pad ------------- Panda  

grips ------------ Doherty  

rims ------------ Femco (large guage spokes)  

front hub ------ ACS (dated 1976) 

rear hub ------- Atom (drum brake)  

chainring ------ 3 Arrow (44t)  

cranks --------- Takagi MX (1st gen) 

pedals --------- KKT  

chain ---------- D.I.D.  

brake lever --- Dia-Compe 

tires ----------- Cheng Shin 

seat ----------- Kashimax padded 

post ----------- steel  

seat clamp --- steel