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1986 Pacific

1986 Pacific

As "GT Pro Performer" labeled Pacific bike out of the 80's. Let me say: It rides very good :)


This is a cool bike I found here in Germany in a town near to us.

Seller made online a small advertisement called "BMX to sell" and put some photos in.

First I thought this must be an early GT Pro Performer (because of the missing "GT" stamping at the rear end of upper tube).

But then I realized the difference in the drop out design at the rear (particularly missing holes) and I was sure:

This must be something different... (but what?).


Over all this bike has found his way to me in poor shape.

Besmirched with oil (all over), scuffed tires in different colours, and loony decals (called "POWERBIKE).

Seller assures me that he has bought this bike second hand at the end of the 80's from a friend. Also his friend has put those decals on.


Anyway, I have taken the bike with me, disassembled it, and gave frame and fork a good polish.

Holding the frame in my hands I was totally surprised because of the geometry.

Comparing it with an original GT Pro Performer frame it is nearly a 1:1 copy of it - really cheeky ;)

Also the weight of both frames is nearly the same (maybe a little bit heavier, but not as much).

Fork looks like a "Standing Gear", but I am pretty sure that this is also a copy (no stamping at the shaft or any other hint to find).

After this I was determined to convert this bike into a GT Pro Performer :)

For this I bought some NOS decals in Australia, obtain a GT "Mallet" stem, a new Skyway EZ bar, layback seat post, Skyway Tuff's, ACS brakes and so on...

Regarding the bike now I am pretty happy with the result - You too?


In the meantime I have seen an offer out of Greece here on bmxmuseum:

Seller offers a NOS frame/fork-set which looks exactly the same as mine (just fork has additional holes for fork stands).

After a contact to the seller he told me that this set is a "Pacific Freestyler" respectively a "Pacific Street Styler" out of the 80's. Comparing the serials I am absolutely sure that this is right.

Also I have found another one here in Germany who has exactly the same bike. His decals says "Puch"...



I took this bike to a great BMX-event here in Cologne (Germany) in 2015.

At this event I have met Bob Haro for the first time in my life - this was great :)

Looking at my bike he said: "This is a cool bike...".

Damn, I was so embarrassed in this moment, because I have driven a Haro Sport ('85) back in the days, and now I was standing in front of Bob Haro with a fake Performer *LOL*

But he was so cool, and has signed the frame with his personal signature :)

Bob, thanks again for this great day and all the lovely BMX-time in my youth (still going on)...

Submitted by oldschool_bmx_freestyler

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Pacific
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Pacific frame/fork | Skyway Tuff II | Panaracer HP406 tyres | Skyway EZ bar (new) | GT "Mallet" stem (original) | Skyway pegs (NOS) | ACS brakes (NOS)

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