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1987 Orion Freestyle

1987 Orion Freestyle

1987 ORION


Rather than do a resto I did a remodel.
Had the front gusset , various dents n dings, inside dropouts and a hole in the right chainstay welded up.
I went for a quill adaptor and new school stem just for something different.

Flat sided Quando 11mm axles just fit the fork dropouts

Ground out 14 mm rear axle and ground off 1mm from frame so it all fits.

Link on the Ozbmx site for more pix

Frame : 1987 Orion Freestyle
Forks : Hiten freestyle
Stem : Specialized stem with gyro tabs
Neck : Quill Adapter
Grips : Old stock from the bucket
Handlebars : Old stock from the wall
Headset : Cheapo black one
Tyres : Kenda Kutlass
Cranks : Acs
Chainwheel : Academy
Bottom Bracket : Cant remember
Pedals : Fly
Chain : Cult
Seat : Nos Dominator
Seat Post : Lay back fluted no name
Seat Post Clamp : Nimbus Unicycle double bolt
Front Brake : Oddyssey 1999
Back Brake : Oddyssey 1999
Gyro : no name
Hubs : Quando 9t       Front axle 11mm    Rear axle 14mm
Rims : Fake 7X's
Chaintensioners : Redline

Submitted by Garb

  • All-Around
  • Company: Orion
  • Model: Freestyle
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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