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1984 Open Road

1984 Open Road

Killer restored Open Road!

My old band mate came by one day and was checking out my bikes and said "you know, I think my dad still has my old bike as a kid and he's going to throw out some junk bikes and bike parts to the curb." So needless to say I told him to bring it by for me to have. He pulled up a couple of weeks later and brought in this POS that needed serious attention! I thought it was a Motomag at first but he claimed it was a Roadmaster and he was right. Everything's original accept the pads, bars, grips and tires. I painted it dark silver stage one paint. Heavy as me but I sure love it!! Rugged bike!!

Admin note: serial number indicates late 1983 build date and would have been sold as a 1984 model

  • Race
  • Company: Open Road
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"