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2010 ONE Ultimate One 24

2010 ONE Ultimate One 24

These Dutch ONE guys sure build some serious mother-truckin' bmx frames...

This one (pardon the pun), is fast, long, low, black and is so badass...
that it has a serious attitude problem.

The shape/stance of the ONE frame is super aggressive, brutal & menacing.

EVIL ONE, perhaps?

The craftsmanship & the (cnc) detail-work on this frame is second to none.

You too can build one damn quick & ridiculous-light full size 24" racer by using this recipe:

ONE ULTIMATE ONE frame - 22" tt.

INDUSTRY 9 wheelset - straight-pull aluminum spokes, Envy rims, and the awesome I9 hubs.

Titanium hub bolts.

BOX forking - carbon.

BOX cranking - rigid as rock.

BOX seating.

BOX Maximus bars for maximum riding.

BOX brakes for maximum stopping.

BOX lever for operating BOX brakes for maximum stopping.

I thought "outside the BOX" with the stem selection... its a golden RELIC.

I also thought "outside the square" with the TIOGA rubber rounds.

PROMAX seat clamp - quick release for seat of the pants adjustment.

I-LINK crazy-lite aluminum cable housing for glowing gold, and for removing grams.

YESS tensioner - for reducing slop.

DA BOMB grips - for da hands gripping.

STEELE INDUSTRIES pedals - for da feets gripping, and for less slipping.

Weight-wise, this full size 24" rivals my buddy Fongstar's ultra cool D3 Mini.
And that thing is dayum light!

Is this the ULTIMATE cruiser?
I dunno, but I reckon its very damn close.

Submitted by version7075

  • Race
  • Company: ONE
  • Model: Ultimate One
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Toptube length: 22"
  • Headtube size: Internal

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