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For over a decade ONE Bicycles, inducted into the European Hall of Fame, has focused all their efforts on the sport of BMX. Today they are at the forefront of BMX product design Worldwide. Utilizing advancements in the industry, some of which were conceived in ONE's own engineering department, their products directly reflect the evolution and maturing of proven BMX design. Like a fine wine ONE Bicycles product line has come of age as a result of years of dedication to the sport of BMX.

ONE Bicycles mission has always been to support the 'rider'. Through this philosophy ONE has cultivated what the 'rider' has deemed as successful, productive, and winning product engineering. Everything you see in the design of ONE's product line reflects years of testing and consulting with some of the top BMX athletes in the sport. When using ONE products athletes find a 'feel' that was not thrust upon them but developed over the years by their own peers. The result is a reaction from the 'rider' that the ONE product line is exactly what they have been looking for.

 You can manufacture all you want but unless you can prove that your products will work to the best of their engineered ability, then all you have is just parts. ONE's product line goes through a Quality Control Process that was adopted from the automotive racing industry. When a ONE product leaves the manufacturing facility it is absolutely the best it can be. When the rider is 'locked and loaded' in the starting gate on a ONE bike they will know in their heart that they are about to explode onto the track on a BMX machine that has been proven over the years, developed by their peers, and is the best that it can possibly be.

What other feeling would you want a rider to have, as they risk life and limb over a quarter of a mile of treacherous terrain with seven other athletes at top speed, than total confidence. ONE Bicycles delivers that total confidence time and time again. ONE World, ONE sport, ONE Bicycles. Now get out there and do what you enjoy best: Race BMX!