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1980 Nomura Racing

1980 Nomura Racing

NR DG 014 - "Nomura under the house" - this frame had a cracked downtube which was repaired by the original welder Dave Gilkeson ("DG" in the serial #)

Parts List:

1980 Nomura 20" - 14th frame (by serial#)
Bottema M-1 fork
NOS Star Bars*
Oakley B-2 grips*
Hutch Deep-H stem in OG black
DK Flex fighter*
Tange MX-5 headset
Profile 3rd Gen cranks & BB
Cooks Spider*
Tuf Neck chainring*
Sugino chainring bolts* (hard to find black)
OS Bullseye Pedals*
2nd Gen SST racelace hubs
Ukai speedline wheels
Fat/Fat CyclePro Snakebelly tires (need a 1.75.  hit me up if you have one!)
Rad Kaps*
Dia Compe MX 1000 rear brake
Shimano DX lever*
Terry Cable*
Scott Mathauser finned brakes
Dia Compe MX two-piece seatpost clamp*
SE Racing 13/16 seatpost
Kashimax MX seat*
OG Nomura frame pad (rumored to be Wade Nomuras) + repop bar pad

Items with a (*) were NOS before mounting.

Submitted by bboygraphix

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