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1981 Nomura Racing

1981 Nomura Racing

Nomura 20" Factory Black Anno + Factory Rider decals

Nomura , What more can I say?
A big thanks to Noel , Norm & Bob for their help putting this one together.
Frame and forks purchased from the Museum (thanks Johnny )

Part list includes Nomura factory black anno frame , origional decals (with rare "factory rider" decal ) , JC Bottema forks , Shimano DX cranks , Bullseye pedals , Sonlite turbo hubs on Araya 7X rims , Tange 125 headset , Hutch deep H stem , SE Power Wing bars & seat post , Elina seat , Oakley B2 grips , DCMX1000 brake , tech 3 lever & MXDC clamp , Mitsobshi comp 3's.
Anyone know where I can get a set of silver Nomura pads?
Cheers fellas and hope you like it?

Submitted by oh five

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