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1980 Nomura Racing Cruiser 26

1980 Nomura Racing Cruiser 26


This bike had one original owner (untill me) and he got this bike when he was 14 years old. The serial number is NRC DG 005. I picked up the bike in Sacramento CA, as an almost complete bike. It had an old suntour neck, Campagnalo cranks with a titanium spindle and sealed BB, a weinmann brake set up and I believe old A&A bars. I am currently in the process of searching for parts to build this bike how I want it. The wheels to the bike are still in the attic from which he pulled the bike out of at an old house he used to live in so some where the old wheels still exist in someones attic! With a special thanks to "Bomat" Bob, he has given me a little history about this frame and I qoute,"It was built in the first batch of 12 frames on November 8,1980. Frames also built in this batch were Wade's first(of 2) personal racer, NOMURA 1-whereabouts unknown-and TUNI 1,the frame ridden by NRP's first PRO rider Turnell Henry-also NOT located yet!"

Submitted by ndtchris

  • Race
  • Company: Nomura Racing
  • Model: Cruiser
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Toptube length: 23
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 23" TT

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