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Nomura Racing (1980–1984)

Distinctive frames with huge squarish down tube, now VERY collectible.
The correct dates for Nomura Racing Products' operations are

June,1980 thru mid-Dec,1984!
     The first 20" Nomura was sold on June 10,1980 to a local kid in Santa Barbara,
where Wade's first shop was located...the man still owns the bike today! Wade later
re-located his shop to Carpinteria-where he and his wife Roxanne still live today!
     Wade suffered a 'career-ending' injury in Las Vegas in September,1984 and
essentially this brought all official NRP activities to a halt by mid-December,1984!
     Another 'misgiving' that many collectors seem to have is 'when they call a bike
a 1981 Nomura or a 1984 Nomura,etc. Wade himself says there 'were NO specific
year Nomura frames built!' The ONLY way to accurately date a Nomura frame is to
have Wade check his Production Log for a frame's build date!
     One other tidbit...the ONLY frames built after Sept 16,1982-when all 13 26/24s
were built-were 20" alloy frames! The last one done (NR DG 304) was built on
June 7,1984.
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