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2003 Next Focus

2003 Next Focus

Lightweight, Cheapie Build

2003 Next Focus.

Back in the day when us poor kids wanted a bike we needed to use whatever we had.  If we broke a part then we scavanged an old junker bike, because we just plain could not afford the "good" stuff at the bike shops.

This bike was built to prove that a decent bike can still be made for free or cheap.  Need I mention first that I aquire alot of old dept store junkers, and I let the nieghborhood kids beat them, so parts are always laying around, just not that great of quality.

 I started out with a 2003 Next Focus frame from the local dumps...just the frame, with a big dent in the downtube, and both the 990 mounts cut off....oh, yea, and 15 gallons of everycolor paint you could imagine. 

From this point I said whoa... this frame is super light.  I'm gonna gather all the lightest parts I can, and build it up.  So the work in progress was underway.

I took a cool set of 3 piece cranks off a mountainbike, and proceeded to cut away the two larger chainrings (all three rings were pressed into the crankarm, so I had no other choice).

I snatched a set of tappered leg forks from a newer Huffy twist that was backed over, and retrieved from the dumps as well. I also used the headset from it....obvious that the Huffy frame was no good.

The wellgo platform pedals were extras from my garage...I think from my sons old Haro Mirra.

I scavanged the aluminum seatpost, and seat from a mongoose, and refurbished the material with an old pair of jeans....and yes, painted red.

The seatclamp was from the Mongoose as well, and the quick release was taken from a murray mountainbike (much lighter than the original bolt, and clamp.

The wheelset cam from a Pacific, they run straight, and are super lightweight.

The bars were from the dumps too...not sure of the brand, they are heavy, and really do not belong on this, but it is all I had to use for now....still seeking some cheap/free lightweight ones.

The brakeset, front and rear are bulldogs from a mongoose hoop-D.

Tires were an old set of leo freestyles that I had laying around, and the grips are knock-off oakleys.

This bike was a work in progress for about 6 months.  The pictures reflect the building process... yes, after stripping the frame, I polished it out by hand!!

So here it is, one very cheap, and very light build... wieghing in at 17lbs. total!!

Submitted by Bikes-n-Things

  • All-Around
  • Company: Next
  • Model: Focus
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"