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1983 National Pro Long

1983 National Pro Long

My old school race bike replica

BITD I rode a National Pro Long with Tange forks, GT SA bars, Pro Neck stem, 1 piece Tioga Task Force cranks and black 7X rims.   NOW I have duplicated my old bike BUT with some upgrades I only WISH I could have afforded back then.   So now I have a really nice frame and fork, nearly nos black pro neck stem, GT Santa Ana bars, Nat Pro pads, AME grips, MX1000's, RL 401 Flights, Hutch peds, Tuff Neck seat post clamp, Nat Pro post, NOS Aero, Newly polished Pro Class Rims, NOS Black rim strips, NEW Bullseye hubs and knock off CompIII's.   ENJOY because I really enjoyed building this one, stay tuned for the next NATTY project!

Submitted by restoredude

  • Race
  • Company: National Pro
  • Model: Long
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details my old race bike

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